2018 DOOSAN G45S-5 Forklift For Sale & 700 Hours



DOOSAN G45S-5 Forklift For Sale Price: $12700!

Doosan G45S-5 Forklift is the latest forklift model manufactured by Doosan and is a great choice for a variety of industrial and warehouse operations. The forklift comes with a 10,000 lbs load capacity, 3 stage mast and is powered by liquid propane (LP).

The Doosan G45S-5 forklift is available on the market at a price of $12,700, and it is a great bargain considering its outstanding features. The forklift is 2018 built and comes with only 700 hours of use so far. Its serial number is FGB03-2560-01501 and it is in very good used condition. In addition, it is also available from stock number 276465.

This Doosan forklift features a cushion tires and an ergonomic design to reduce operator fatigue. The floating operator compartment provides a comfortable ride and excellent stability thanks to its high visibility mast. The tiltable LP fuel tank allows for convenient refuelling of the forklift. The lift control system is simple and intuitive to operate and reduces the time spent training operators. Moreover, multiple safety features are designed to protect operators and the forklift. These include a seatbelt, low pressure alarm, safety lockouts and Flame Resistant Blanket Fire Prevention System (FBIPS).

Finally, the Doosan G45S-5 forklift is an excellent choice for any material handling application. Its superior design, reliable performance and low cost of operation make it an attractive option for warehouse operators. With its generous load capacity and excellent stability, this forklift is well worth the investment.

DOOSAN G45S-5 Forklift For Sale: $12700!

    DOOSAN G45S-5 Forklift Specifications:









    Serial Number




    Stock Number



    10,000lb 3 Stage Doosan Forklift, LP,

    Load Capacity

    15 lb

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