2018 CATERPILLAR E3000 Forklift For Sale & 8,206 Hours



CATERPILLAR E3000 Forklift For Sale Price: $16300!

CAT Mitsu, the industry leader in reliable lift trucks, has done it again with the CAT E3000 Forklift. Renowned for its rugged reliability, the E3000 Forklift is designed to operate in the toughest environments, and its outstanding performance and dependability make it an ideal choice for any business.

The E3000 Forklift has a robust, three-stage mast design that can handle even the most demanding materials. The one-piece, non-weld side-shift allows for superior stability, while the low lift profile and power steering make maneuvering the E3000 Forklift a breeze. The loading capacity of this lift truck is 16,300 pounds, making it powerful enough to move heavy loads with ease.

The CAT E3000 Forklift also features proprietary technology advances, such as the patented combination of control systems, advanced PC diagnostics, and on-board computers. This combination makes the E3000 Forklift exceptionally reliable and easy to maintain, lower overall operating costs and reducing downtime. This feature also allows operators to remain in control of their material handling operations at all times.

The CAT E3000 Forklift is a 2018 model, with the serial number A4BC150446 and 8,206 hours of use. It has been maintained and serviced regularly and is in great condition. This make and model is always a great value, with a price tag of $16,300, and is sure to give its owner many years of reliable performance. Here at CAT Mitsu, we stand behind our products and provide extensive after-sale support for all of our clients.

When it comes to superior performance and dependability, the CAT E3000 Forklift is clearly the right choice. Get ready to take your material handling operations to the next level with the CAT E3000 Forklift – the ultimate combination of performance and dependability.

CATERPILLAR E3000 Forklift For Sale: $16300!

    CATERPILLAR E3000 Forklift Specifications:









    Serial Number





    Always serviced and well maintained. Cat Mitsu is an industry leader of reliable lift trucks which are legendary for their association with rugged reliability in the toughest environments.
    MastType: Truckers Mast – Wide View
    Weight: 8635

    Load Capacity

    3,500 lb

    Maximum Lift Height

    7 ft

    Side Shift


    Power Type


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