2017 LINDE HT25CT Forklift For Sale & 3,706 Hours



LINDE HT25CT Forklift For Sale Price: $11700!

Introducing the LINDE HT25CT Forklift: the heavy-duty solution to simplify your lifting and carrying needs. The LINDE HT25CT is a powerful 5,000 lb capacity forklift with an incredibly versatile side shift feature to make your job easier. With a 2017 year model, 3,706 hours on the clock, and the reliable power type of LPG, this used forklift from LINDE is a perfect addition to any tough task.

What sets the LINDE HT25CT Forklift apart from other offerings is the performance delivered for such a great price. At only $11,700, the value and efficiency of the HT25CT is unparalleled in the industry. With a serial number of A11319H00026 and a unique stock number of 272959, the LINDE HT25CT is sure to bring an unparalleled level of strength and reliability to any worksite.

Aside from the incredible capabilities of the LINDE HT25CT Forklift, the biggest benefit is the speed and ease of use. A single person can quickly and easily operate the lift, no matter the surface or load balancing. With the side shift feature, the HT25CT can make the job even easier, allowing for the operator to quickly move in any direction without ever having to relocate the entire lift. Plus, the adjustable steering wheel helps to make the maneuvering of the LINDE HT25CT extremely simple.

The LINDE HT25CT Forklift is the perfect solution for any tough lifting or carrying needs. With an unbeatable price and strong performance, the HT25CT is a powerful, yet versatile solution that can help to simplify even the most difficult jobs. Don’t let our current inventory run out and make sure to get your LINDE HT25CT Forklift today.

LINDE HT25CT Forklift For Sale: $11700!

    LINDE HT25CT Forklift Specifications:









    Serial Number




    Stock Number


    Load Capacity

    5,000 lb

    Side Shift


    Power Type


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