2017 JUNGHEINRICH EFG320 Forklift For Sale & 6,235 Hours



JUNGHEINRICH EFG320 Forklift For Sale Price: $14900!


Welcome to JUNGHEINRICH and the Power of Performance. Our EFG320 forklift is the perfect piece of equipment for your material handling needs. The EFG320 is dependable, affordable, and will get the job done.

The EFG320 is an economical solution to your warehouse or current worksite projects. It offers maximum efficiency with its 4 cylinder diesel engine and 3150 LB lift capacity. It has incredibly smooth maneuvering, so you can lift and move any material with ease. The EFG320 also has ergonomic controls, ensuring complete control at all times. Additionally, with 240-degrees of vertical mast rotation, you can be sure you’re safely navigating around tight corners in your facility.

Thanks to its 4-speed automatic transmission, you can lift and move heavier weights with ease. This forklift can handle 220″ maximum lift height and has a gradeability of 25%. Its fuel tank is capable of providing an operation time of 8.3 hours between refills. The EFG320 is also a quiet machine, with noise levels coming in at 72 dB(A).

The cost-effective design of the EFG320 doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice safety. This forklift comes with an air-cushioned suspension system and independent front and rear brakes that ensure secure control while lifting and carrying heavy objects. An overspeed protection system prevents the engine from over-revving, ensuring safe operation.

We are offering this 2017 JUNGHEINRICH EFG320 for the low price of just $14,900. It comes with a 6,235 hour meter. The machine is in excellent condition and includes a serial number FN545984 and stock number P011259.

Thanks again to JUNGHEINRICH and the power of performance, you can have feedback and confidence in the small, medium and large-scale job sites. Our proven-performance equipment is an investment that will pay off in the long run. Contact us now to learn more about our EFG320 forklift and take the next steps to increase your business efficiency.

JUNGHEINRICH EFG320 Forklift For Sale: $14900!

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    Equipment-certification-code: NCR

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