2017 JAC CPQYD30 Forklift For Sale



JAC CPQYD30 Forklift For Sale Price: $12900!

, Engine Make:Kubota

Are you looking for a reliable, efficient and powerful forklift? Look no further than the JAC CPQYD30 Forklift. This forklift offers an unrivalled performance and range of features.

At just 12900 dollars, the JAC CPQYD30 Forklift has excellent value for money. Manufactured in 2017, the CPQYD30 is one of the most recent models of forklifts from the reputable JAC brand. With a serial number of 70372007, you can trust the JAC CPQYD30 will perform to the highest of standards without fail.

The most impressive feature of the JAC CPQYD30 is that it is dual fuel. It can operate on petroleum or natural gas, depending on what is most suitable for the specific situation. It also has a powerful 188 inch three stage mast and a range of built in safety features. With solid tyres and a capacity of 6600 pounds, this powerful forklift is well-suited to almost any job. It’s powered by a a Kubota engine, for superior performance and a smooth ride.

The JAC CPQYD30 also offers easy maintenance simultaneously providing superior power. It comes with its own secure internal storage space and integrated joystick controls. Operator comfort is a priority, with a fully adjustable seat and a cushioned arm rest.

The JAC CPQYD30 is without a doubt the perfect choice for any business which needs a dependable and powerful forklift. With its top of the range features and unbeatable safety features, the CPQYD30 is The JAC CPQYD30 is the ideal forklift for any job – big or small. Take the load off and enjoy superior performance, every time.

JAC CPQYD30 Forklift For Sale: $12900!

    JAC CPQYD30 Forklift Specifications:







    Serial Number





    dual fuel, SS, 188 inch 3 stage mast, solid tires

    Load Capacity

    6,600 lb

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