2017 DOOSAN D160S-7 Forklift For Sale & 6,680 Hours



DOOSAN D160S-7 Forklift For Sale Price: $6700!

Doosan D160S-7 Forklift: Strength and Efficiency To Match Your Business’s Needs

Are you looking for an efficient and reliable forklift to help you with your business operations? The Doosan D160S-7 is your answer. This powerful machine will surely suit your warehouse needs.

In terms of power, the Doosan D160S-7 Forklift carries a 3.3-liter fuel efficient diesel engine which ensures the highest performance under any work environment. It offers a lifting capacity of 6 tons, with 3300mm of travel distance making it a great choice for handling heavy goods.

In terms of maneuverability, the Doosan D160S-7 is ahead of the rest. Its dual air-over-hydraulic steering system provides excellent maneuverability and exceptional accuracy. The two-pedal system also provides smooth transition from forward to reverse turn, even with a loaded forklift.

For maximum productivity, the Doosan D160S-7 incorporates advanced features such as Side Shift Positioner, for convenient repositioning of goods. It also comes with anti-rollback and slip-guard safety features for smoother and safer operation.

The Doosan D160S-7 is also packed with advanced digital features, such as a digital display for better performance and fault diagnosis. An on-board camera for monitoring operation, and a Bluetooth connection for access to monitoring and maintenance information to keep your forklift in peak working condition.

The Doosan D160S-7 Forkilift is currently available at competitively priced at $6700, with 6,680 hours, serial number PO3400166, and is in fair used condition. With its powerful engine, advanced features, and superb control, the Doosan D160S-7 is all you need to handle even the toughest loads. Investing in this forklift can be a great decision as it can help you manage your business operations with lesser effort, and maximizing your business profits.

DOOSAN D160S-7 Forklift For Sale: $6700!

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