2017 COMBILIFT C6000ESL Forklift For Sale & 14,000 Hours



COMBILIFT C6000ESL Forklift For Sale Price: $17300!

The COMBILIFT C6000ESL Forklift is a great used forklift to consider for your next material handling job. This forklift was built by COMBILIFT in 2017 and it’s in great condition. It has 14,000 hours and a load capacity of up to 6,000 pounds. The C6000ESL comes with a duplex mast that can reach up to 333 ft 4 in so you can always trust it to get the job done. At only 17300, you won’t find a better deal for this kind of power and reach.

The C6000ESL features a powerful diesel engine that will tackle any job that you throw at it. It offers great maneuverability so it can work in tight spaces, giving you the ability to move heavy loads easily with minimal effort. The combination of its stability and lift capacity makes it the perfect choice for any big job. Plus, the fuel efficiency of the engine helps make this an economical choice.

The C6000ESL is simple to operate, with all its functions easily accessible through the single onboard controller. It has advanced safety features to protect the operator and prevent mishaps, and the ergonomic design of the controls makes operation easy and comfortable. You also get durability and performance that you can count on, as the C6000ESL is built with superior engineering and a rugged frame.

When you purchase the C6000ESL, you don’t have to worry about regular maintenance. The maintenance-free parts and deeply-recessed compartments make maintenance a breeze. Plus, COMBILIFT offers a one year warranty on the parts and labor, so you can trust that your purchase is protected.

The COMBILIFT C6000ESL Forklift is an exceptional value, given its price and power. You’ll find it to be extremely reliable and cost-efficient, making it the perfect choice for any material handling job.

COMBILIFT C6000ESL Forklift For Sale: $17300!

    COMBILIFT C6000ESL Forklift Specifications:











    Load Capacity

    6,000 lb

    Maximum Lift Height

    333 ft 4 in

    Mast Type


    Power Type


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