2017 COMBILIFT C6000ESL Forklift For Sale & 13,000 Hours



COMBILIFT C6000ESL Forklift For Sale Price: $8600!

Introducing the COMBILIFT C6000ESL Forklift, an advanced, reliable and efficient all-in-one model featuring a max lift height of 333ft 4in. This model is powered by diesel and has a 6,000lbs load capacity, making it an ideal asset for a variety of heavy-duty applications.

As one of the most popular forklifts from COMBILIFT, the C6000ESL offers a range of features that cater to increasing productivity and safety. Its innovative design combines ergonomics, safety and profitability in one machine, making the C6000ESL a must-have addition to any workplace.

To begin with, the C6000ESL is equipped with an intelligent monitoring system. This system gives the operator real-time data on operating conditions, allowing software to be tailored to the current task and customized to applying different modes. This allows the operator to maximize efficiency and output while keeping truck and personnel safe.

The C6000ESL also is designed to prioritize stability. It features a duplex mast which greatly increases its safety and stability. This is complemented by an articulated steering system that provides ease of maneuverability – ideal for busy workplaces. Moreover, an optional side-shift feature provides additional flexibility, allowing the operator to manipulate the heavy loads quicker and more accurately than ever before.

In addition, the C6000ESL has been designed with operator comfort in mind. The spacious operator cabin provides plenty of headroom as well as having feature adjustable ergonomically designed access points. This provides the operator with an unmatched level of comfort and visibility.

The C6000ESL offers value and efficiency. Coming in at a price of £8600 and with only 13,000 hours worth of use, this model is great value for money. It offers enhanced performance with low maintenance costs and minimal downtime, allowing businesses to maximize their output and keep customers happier.

Overall, the COMBILIFT C6000ESL Forklift is a great choice for businesses that are looking for equipment that offers efficient operation, enhanced performance and offers great value for money. With its industry-leading technological features, this forklift provides operators with the necessary tools to complete tasks safely and efficiently. This forklift is a reliable and efficient all-in-one model that provides businesses with a great return on investment.

COMBILIFT C6000ESL Forklift For Sale: $8600!

    COMBILIFT C6000ESL Forklift Specifications:











    Load Capacity

    6,000 lb

    Maximum Lift Height

    333 ft 4 in

    Mast Type


    Power Type


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