2017 CATERPILLAR 301.7D Excavator For Sale & 1,099 Hours



CATERPILLAR 301.7D Excavator For Sale Price: $14300!

Are you looking for a reliable, cost-effective excavator for your construction needs? Look no further than the CATERPILLAR 301.7D Excavator. It’s the perfect machine for all your needs.

The CATERPILLAR 301.7D Excavator is priced to fit any budget at just $14,300. For 2017, this excavator has been completely reconditioned and is powered by a Yanmar diesel engine with 1,099 hours of operation. It has a weight of 2,003 lb (907 kg) and a length of 3855 mm (152.4 in). The model also features a backfill blade, rubber track type and a 230-inch track shoe width.

The CATERPILLAR 301.7D Excavator features excellent maneuverability, a strong digging power, and good fuel efficiency. The independent travel mode of this excavator allows you to adjust the engine speed while maintaining traction to maximize efficiency. It features an improved boom profile and uninterrupted material flow, which enables a continuous digging force. The additional auxiliary hydraulics enable work tools to maximize productivity.

Whether you’re working on a job site or a smaller project, the CATERPILLAR 301.7D Excavator is the perfect machine for your needs. Its state-of-the-art engineering performance allows for efficient operation and maximum productivity. This excavator also has many safety features, such as an emergency stop button and automatic protection from unexpected movements.

The CATERPILLAR 301.7D Excavator is powerful, efficient, and reliable – the perfect equipment for your construction needs. With its excellent quality, robust performance, and reasonable price, the CATERPILLAR 301.7D Excavator is the best choice for any job. Get yours today!

CATERPILLAR 301.7D Excavator For Sale: $14300!

    CATERPILLAR 301.7D Excavator Specifications:












    Specification.cabin: Cabin
    Weight: 2003
    MaxLiftHeight: 2290
    Length: 3855
    Width: 990
    FuelType: Diesel

    Backfill Blade


    Track Type


    Track Shoe Width

    230 in

    Engine Manufacturer


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