2016 UTILEV UT30P Forklift For Sale & 62 Hours



UTILEV UT30P Forklift For Sale Price: $5100!

If you’re looking to buy a new or used forklift, look no further than the UTILEV UT30P forklift. With features that are sure to make your daily tasks easier, this lift truck is sure to please.


The UTILEV UT30P is priced at $5100 for a used model. This is an excellent price when compared to other brands and the combination of features and reliability make it one of the best values in forklift technology.


The UTILEV UT30P has a powerful 5.9 horsepower engine and can lift up to 2,800 pounds. It also has a total capacity of 9,000 pounds and can be easily maneuvered around a worksite. It features adjustable forks, a ground clearance of 4 inches, and a maximum fork height of 111 inches. The mast offers an adjustable tilt range of 40 degrees forward, and an adjustable speed range of 8-10 mph.

The cab is ergonomically designed to allow operators to easily access all the controls, and it includes air conditioning to ensure comfortable operation in hot weather. The truck also includes an integrated computer system that allows managers to store and record data related to its operation.


The UTILEV UT30P forklift has a number of safety features that make it an attractive option for customers. It includes an integrated fire suppression system to protect against dust particles, as well as a tilt limiting system to ensure the operator does not overextend the mast. The truck is also designed to be stationary when in use, reducing the risk of rollovers during operation.


The UTILEV UT30P is a reliable truck that can withstand long hours of use. With only 62 hours of use, it is sure to last a long time and make your daily tasks easier. The long-lasting tires and brakes also help ensure the return on your investment.

If you’re looking for a high quality forklift that offers an excellent combination of features, the UTILEV UT30P is one of the best options on the market. With its combination of price, performance, and safety, the UTILEV UT30P is sure to meet your needs.

UTILEV UT30P Forklift For Sale: $5100!

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