2016 TOYOTA 8FBE20U Forklift For Sale & 5,653 Hours



TOYOTA 8FBE20U Forklift For Sale Price: $7500!

. Valve – Sideshift – LED Lights Main Battery #516619

The Toyota 8FBE20U Forklift is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable, versatile and powerful forklift. This used 2016 model is in a great condition and features a 4,000 pound capacity. Its three wheel electric sitdown design allows for easy maneuverability and tight turns, making it perfect for use in smaller spaces. The 83/189′ three stage mast and four way hyd. valve gives the Toyota 8FBE20U the power and reach to handle those tough tasks, while its excellent 36V battery provides long lasting power and reliability. The sideshift feature also allows for great precision. Plus, with LED lights you can be sure that you’re always safe and seen when in operation.

The Toyota 8FBE20U is a great choice for any application that needs a reliable, powerful and precise forklift. Its long lasting 36V battery, along with its great maneuverability, makes the 8FBE20U an excellent choice for any job, whether in a warehouse, on a construction site or outdoors. The excellent battery life, precise sideshift and powerful reach all help to make this a great all around forklift.

Overall, the Toyota 8FBE20U Forklift is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, versatile and powerful forklift. Its precise maneuverability and powerful reach make it perfect for any job, while its long lasting battery helps ensure you’re always able to get the job done. With this 2016 model in excellent condition, you’re sure to be getting a great value at a great price. So, if you’re looking for a powerful and precise forklift, the Toyota 8FBE20U is the perfect choice.

TOYOTA 8FBE20U Forklift For Sale: $7500!

    TOYOTA 8FBE20U Forklift Specifications:












    2016 Toyota 4,000# Electric Forklift with Excellent Battery

    'Three wheel Electric Sitdown'

    Model: 8FBE20U

    – 36V Battery

    – Fuel type: Electric (Excellent Battery)

    – 83/189" Three Stage Mast

    – 4 Way Hydraulics with Sideshift

    – Solid Pneumatic tires

    – 5,653 Drive Hours

    – LED Head Lamps, B/U Alarm, Strobe Light, Mirrors.

    – Suspension Seat

    – Cleaned, Serviced & Inspected. Ready to work!

    Please call Shawn with any questions.

    -All sales subject to PA 6% sales tax, unless shipped out of state by third party carrier.

    Blue Diamond Machinery Sales, Inc.

    Fob: Waynesboro, PA



    Power Type


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