2016 MITSUBISHI FBC15N Forklift For Sale & 5,888 Hours



MITSUBISHI FBC15N Forklift For Sale Price: $16200!

MITSUBISHI FBC15N Forklift: An Excellent Investment

Are you in the market for a forklift that offers strength, power and reliability with a minimum of maintenance? Then you should consider the MITSUBISHI FBC15N Forklift. This forklift has a great power-to-weight ratio and can easily lift up to 3,000 lbs.Its 2016 manufacturing date and its impressive 5,888 operating hours make it an attractive option for consumers looking for sensible value.

As a condition used forklift, the MITSUBISHI FBC15N is an excellent investment opportunity. It has been inspected and verified by knowledgeable professionals and carries a standard one-year guarantee. The certified technicians can provide an assessment of any repairs or maintenance necessary to get it up and running, and the service costs will be comparatively low. In addition, the FBC15N possesses a proven track record of reliability that many consumers find appealing.

The MITSUBISHI FBC15N Forklift also offers great ergonomics. The cab is spacious and comfortable, making it ideal for long industrial projects. The operator can remain in the cab and steer with ease, since it features smooth and accurate response to controls. The visibility from the vibrant monitor is excellent, allowing for safe and accurate work with heavy objects.

The versatility of the FBC15N is just as impressive. It allows the user to switch between infinitely variable speeds and jobs, making it a versatile asset for any number of jobs. Whether you’re working in tight industrial areas or warehouses, the FBC15N can accommodate you in most situations. Moreover, its triplex mast system provides a stable and secure working environment.

In summary, the MITSUBISHI FBC15N Forklift is a great investment that offers exceptional power and a minimum of maintenance. Those who are interested in purchasing the unit can expect to pay a reasonable price of $16,200 and have their new forklift shipped with a stock number of 201151. Whether you are a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, the FBC15N is a sensible choice that won’t drain your resources. If you’re the market for a forklift that can provide plenty of power, reliability and low maintenance costs, then the MITSUBISHI FBC15N Forklift would be an excellent option for your next purchase.

MITSUBISHI FBC15N Forklift For Sale: $16200!

    MITSUBISHI FBC15N Forklift Specifications:









    Serial Number




    Stock Number


    Load Capacity

    3,000 lb

    Mast Type


    Power Type


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