2016 LINDE H35D-02 Forklift For Sale & 9,289 Hours



LINDE H35D-02 Forklift For Sale Price: $5400!

G – Emission class: Stage IV == Informatie in het Nederlands == Bouwjaar: Jan 2016 As 1: Bandenmaat: 28×12.5-15 As 2: Bandenmaat: 23×9-10 Aandrijving: Wiel Aantal cilinders: 4 Motorinhoud: 1.968 cc GVW: 5.075 kG – Emissieklasse: Stufe IV

LINDE H35D-02 forklift is a reliable, robust and powerful electric forklift especially designed for use in extreme weather conditions and rough warehouse terrain.

LINDE H35D-02 forklift offers superior performance and maximum uptime. This forklift is ideal for applications with moderate to heavy loads, as it will certainly help you to breeze through your everyday tasks.

With power comparable to that of an internal combustion engine and excellent performance, this electric forklift from LINDE offers outstanding performance and superior efficiency. The superior construction and quality components of LINDE H35D-02 forklift will give you years of trouble free use, making it the perfect choice for your warehouse or loading dock areas.

With a powerful battery-powered electric drive system, the LINDE H35D-02 forklift provides you with more than 4 months of run time along with an excellent power to weight ratio. Moreover, this product has an all-electric drive system, which combined with the powerful battery means you are able to sustain the highest power levels over a longer period of time.

The ergonomic design of the LINDE H35D-02 forklift ensures easy and fast operation. Accompanied by machines of outstanding quality,LINDE H35D-02 forklift is ergonomically designed for comfortable working and has adjustable seats, dual reclining handles, adjustable speed controls and simplified hand lever positions for optimum usability.

Efficiency and excellent performance are key features of LINDE H35D-02 forklift. Outstanding performance is delivered in a supremely efficient manner which reduces running costs and increases getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

The LINDE H35D-02 forklift has a range of user-friendly and intuitive functions, designed to make the operator’s job easier and more comfortable and reducing operator fatigue.

LINDE H35D-02 forklift also benefits from lots of other features including environment friendly brakes, automatic power cut off, shock resistant body, programmable maintenance reminder, low emission, the well-known quality of LINDE products, to name just a few.

LINDE H35D-02 forklift is one of the very few products in the market with all of the features necessary to make it a perfect choice for your job. It ticks all the boxes for modern forklift trucks and offers a great range of performance, convenience and reliability. With an unbeatable price of $5400, it’s a must-have for any warehouse or commercial business.

LINDE H35D-02 Forklift For Sale: $5400!

    LINDE H35D-02 Forklift Specifications:











    Stock Number



    == Information in English ==

    Year of manufacture: Jan 2016
    Axle 1: Tyre size: 28×12.5-15
    Axle 2: Tyre size: 23×9-10
    Drive: Wheel
    Number of cylinders: 4
    Engine capacity: 1.968 cc
    GVW: 5.075 kg
    Dimensions (LxW): 275 x 138 cm

    = Dealer information =

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    == Informationen auf Deutsch ==

    Baujahr: Jan 2016
    Achse 1: Refenmaß: 28×12.5-15
    Achse 2: Refenmaß: 23×9-10
    Antrieb: Rad
    Zylinderzahl: 4
    Motorhubraum: 1.968 cc
    zGG: 5.075 kg
    Abmessungen (L x B): 275 x 138 cm

    = Firmeninformationen =

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    == Informatie in het Nederlands ==

    Bouwjaar: jan 2016
    As 1: Bandenmaat: 28×12.5-15
    As 2: Bandenmaat: 23×9-10
    Aandrijving: Wiel
    Aantal cilinders: 4
    Motorinhoud: 1.968 cc
    GVW: 5.075 kg
    Afmetingen (LxB): 275 x 138 cm

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    Power Type



    49 HP

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