2016 KOMATSU PC55MR-2 Excavator For Sale & 3,000 Hours



KOMATSU PC55MR-2 Excavator For Sale Price: $14500!

KOMATSU PC55MR-2 Excavator is a powerful, reliable and efficient equipment. It features compact size, impressive excavating experiences and outstanding fuel economy. The powerful and efficient 4D88E-6 engine checks all the performance boxes and has ample power for those demanding jobs. With a rated speed of 2400rpm, it performs with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. KOMATSU PC55MR-2 excavator has a weight of 5160kg and is able to walk at a speed of 4.6km/h. It has a 0.2m³ bucket capacity and a maximum digging depth of 3800mm and a maximum digging radius of6070mm. The arm digging force is up to 39kN, providing an increased excavating experience.

The KOMATSU PC55MR-2 Excavator with ROPS Type: Enclosed is a perfect choice for those who are looking for an economic excavator. It is used for various construction and coal mining projects, demolition projects, farmland improvement projects, and many other tasks. This excavator is equipped with advanced safety systems, an automated system that allows you to control the operation without manual intervention, and a hydraulic system to ensure smooth operations and seamless operation. With more than 3000 hours of use and in an excellent condition, this machine is perfect for any construction project.

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Finally, we provide all necessary services and documents for overseas shipping. With us, you will have a complete and convenient experience in purchasing KOMATSU PC55MR-2 Excavator. Contact us for more details and we look forward to working with you.

KOMATSU PC55MR-2 Excavator For Sale: $14500!

    KOMATSU PC55MR-2 Excavator Specifications:









    Serial Number





    Rated Speed:2400rpm

    Moving Type:Crawler Excavator
    Walk Speed:4.6km/h
    Bucket Capacity:0.2 m³
    Maximum Digging Depth:3800 mm
    Maximum Digging Radium:6070 mm
    Arm Digging Force:39kN

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    ROPS Type


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