2016 KALMAR DCG250-12LB Forklift For Sale & 10,315 Hours



KALMAR DCG250-12LB Forklift For Sale Price: $12700!

at free lift: 3420 Length of the fork: 1150 Overall free lift: 3760

The KALMAR DCG250-12LB Forklift has unsurpassed lifting capability and advanced ergonomics that make it the ideal forklift for a variety of industrial environments. It offers a load capacity of 25 tonnes and a load center of 1200mm. The wheelbase is 4250mm, the width is 3050mm, and the maximum height of the mast when extended is 7020mm.

The forklift also has a maximum lifting height with forks of 5000mm, a maximum height of the mast lowered at 4320mm, a height at free lift of 3420mm, and a length of the fork of 1150mm. The overall free lift is 3760mm. This forklift will provide you with excellent performance and productivity for a variety of applications.

The KALMAR DCG250-12LB Forklift is designed to be a robust, reliable and productive workhorse. It is equiped with a powerful diesel engine and a sophisticated transmission. This forklift provides easy, ergonomic operation and comfortable driving, and it is equipped with five different operating modes.

The KALMAR DCG250-12LB Forklift is equipped with advanced safety features, including a digital rear view camera, seat mounted sensors and emergency stop buttons. It also has a wide range of storage capacity, up to 2000kgs. The forklift is also easy to maintain and an excellent value for money with a price of 12700.

For those looking for a rugged, reliable, and productive forklift, the KALMAR DCG250-12LB Forklift is an excellent choice. With its hi-tech features, ergonomic design and advanced safety features, this is a great choice for a variety of applications. With a year of manufacture of 2016, 10,315 hours, and a used condition, this is an excellent value at the stock number 372.

KALMAR DCG250-12LB Forklift For Sale: $12700!

    KALMAR DCG250-12LB Forklift Specifications:











    Stock Number



    Load of capacity: 25
    Load center: 1200
    Wheelbase: 4250
    Width: 3050
    Maximum height of mast, extended: 7020
    Maximum lifting height with forks: 5000
    Maximum height of mast, lowered: 4320
    Height of basic truck: 3270
    Total length (with forks): 8740
    Equipment: Forche


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