2016 HYSTER H50XT Forklift For Sale & 1,337 Hours



HYSTER H50XT Forklift For Sale Price: $16700!


HYSTER H50XT Forklift is the perfect choice for moving heavy loads quickly and safely. With a capacity of 5000 pounds, a maximum lift height of 15 feet 5 inches, and the ability to side shift, this forklift will help you move heavy items with confidence. The twenty-four inch load center offers superior stability while the dual fuel power type allows you to choose thefuel your forklift runs on. The 84-inch overall lowered height makes it easy to fit into tight spaces and the Triplex mast type offers an extensive range of motion.

The H50XT is highly versatile and makes a great addition to any job site. It is an efficient way to move large and heavy items, as well as perform material handling tasks. The machine’s impressive power and control make it easy to move large and heavy items. The Dual fuel power allows you to choose between gasoline and LP fuel, helping provide a cost-effective solution for the job site. In addition, the forklift comes with an electronic stability control system that helps ensure safe operation.

The H50XT has a wide range of safety features including an operator presence system, automatic speed control, and collision avoidance system. With these features, you can rest assured your operators are safe and in control. Additionally, the machine is designed with a service-friendly layout that allows ease of access to filters, drains, and other serviceable components.

In addition to its sophisticated performance, the H50XT has a competitive price of 16,700. The money you save on purchasing the H50XT can help offset the cost of maintenance and fuel, helping ensure a great value. Plus, the machine is in excellent condition with only 1,337 hours of use. Plus, with a stock number of EQC056742, you can rest assured you are investing in a quality product.

The HYSTER H50XT Forklift is the perfect solution for moving heavy loads quickly and safely. With its impressive capacity, versatility, and competitive price, this machine is an excellent investment. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient forklift with a wide range of features and an unbeatable price, the H50XT is the perfect choice.

HYSTER H50XT Forklift For Sale: $16700!

    HYSTER H50XT Forklift Specifications:











    Stock Number



    Capacity: 5000
    Loadcentername: 24"
    Overallloweredheight: 84

    Maximum Lift Height

    15 ft 5 in

    Side Shift


    Mast Type






    Power Type


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