2016 CESAB M325D Forklift For Sale & 3,910 Hours



CESAB M325D Forklift For Sale Price: $15300!

The CESAB M325D Forklift has been designed to provide the utmost in convenience to operators and is one of the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective machines on the market. This forklift is the perfect solution to any material handling situation.

The M325D features a price of 15300, a model year of 2016 and only 3,910 hours of operation.The condition of this machine is listed as used, with a technical condition described as good and its visual condition also rated as good.

The core of the M325D is built upon a robust and powerful diesel-powered engine, providing the capacity to move materials up to 2500 kg in weight to a maximum reach of 4600 mm. The third valve provides extra convenience to the operator and the full free lift provides an improved view of the working area. The triplex mast type ensures maximum clearance for execution of even the most complex lifts.

The M325D Forklift also come with a variety of options to ensure maximum comfort for the operator, ranging from adjustable seating and armrests, to ergonomic control consoles and adjustable pedals. The intuitive control system ensures the operator can quickly become familiar with the workings of the machine.

CESAB is dedicated to manufacturing machinery that applies both excellent quality and operator safety. The M325D has been designed to combine both excellent material handling quality and operator safety into one reliable, efficient and cost-effective machine. It is designed to reduce the strain on the operator, allowing them to work easily and quickly.

The M325D Forklift is the perfect solution for any material handling requirements. CESAB is committed to producing reliable and cost-effective equipment for all material handling requirements. The M325D is an excellent machine that is both efficient and cost effective and is an ideal choice for applications where high performance and reliable operation are required.

CESAB M325D Forklift For Sale: $15300!

    CESAB M325D Forklift Specifications:












    3rd valve, Full free lift Mast Type: Triplex Visual Condition: good Technical Condition: good
    FuelType: Diesel
    Weight: 2500
    MaxReach: 4600

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