2016 CATERPILLAR GP25N Forklift For Sale & 6,930 Hours



CATERPILLAR GP25N Forklift For Sale Price: $6900!

Caterpillar GP25N is an ideal forklift for those who need the power and reliability of the classic Caterpillar brand. This used model was manufactured in 2016, but has only seen 6,930 hours of operation. It is fuel efficient, with a 5000 LBS capacity and features a 188” triplex mast and 42” forks with solid pneumatic tires.

One of the best features of the GP25N is its price point. For only $6900, buyers are getting a piece of Caterpillar at a fraction of a new price. Not only is this model affordable but it boasts of Caterpillar quality and reliability. With such low hours, the GP25N is sure to work like new, if not better.

Aside from the excellent price, the GP25N has a unique design. Its front is equipped with a cushion-type seat that provides the operator with a comfortable workspace. Its cushion-type seat also has adjustable back and armrests for extra comfort. In addition, the sides of the unit are also thinner, which saves on space in the warehouse.

The versatility of the GP25N is in its performance. Its 188” triplex mast allows for various loading and stacking operations. With the 42” forks, the unit can lift, lower, and pull a full range of products, making it an ideal choice for any lifting operations. This versatility also allows for easy maintenance, ensuring that the GP25N runs safely and efficiently.

Overall, the Caterpillar GP25N Forklift is an excellent choice for anyone in need of an efficient and reliable forklift. With its low hours and excellent price point, buyers can be sure they are investing in a long-lasting, dependable machine that is sure to get the job done.

CATERPILLAR GP25N Forklift For Sale: $6900!

    CATERPILLAR GP25N Forklift Specifications:









    Serial Number




    Stock Number



    5000 LBS Capacity, 42'' forks, 188'' triplex mast, Solid Pneumatic tires.

    Fork Length

    42 in

    Load Capacity

    5,000 lb

    Mast Type


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