2016 CATERPILLAR GP20N Forklift For Sale & 6,162 Hours



CATERPILLAR GP20N Forklift For Sale Price: $14700!

Caterpillar GP20N Forklift is the perfect choice for your material handling needs. It is a reliable, dependable forklift manufactured by the renowned Caterpillar brand. The GP20N model lifts up to 4000 lbs, making it suitable for a variety of operations. The features of this impressive machine include a triplex mast for added stability and visibility, plus it has a 42 inch fork length for optimal load capacity. The pneumatic tires provide superior traction, making it ideal for working with equipment such as pallets, crates, and skids.

In addition to its impressive features, the GP20N has a price tag of just under 15k. This is a great deal for those looking to purchase a high-quality forklift. Furthermore, this particular model was manufactured in 2016 with only 6,162 hours on the clock and is in great condition overall. The unit also has a serial number of AT35A01623 and stock number of PU1136, allowing you to readily identify your product.

When you purchase a Caterpillar GP20N Forklift, you can be sure that you are getting a reliable and dependable machine. With its powerful 4000 lb capacity, triplex mast and 42″ fork length, it is the perfect choice for a wide variety of material handling operations. Not to mention the unbeatable price tag of just under 15k. So if you are looking for a reliable and dependable forklift, look no further than the GP20N from Caterpillar.

CATERPILLAR GP20N Forklift For Sale: $14700!

    CATERPILLAR GP20N Forklift Specifications:









    Serial Number




    Stock Number



    4000 LBS Cap. 42'' forks Triplex mast pneumatic tires

    Fork Length

    42 in

    Load Capacity

    4,000 lb

    Mast Type


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