2016 CATERPILLAR EC22N2 Forklift For Sale & 14,623 Hours



CATERPILLAR EC22N2 Forklift For Sale Price: $8500!

The CATERPILLAR EC22N2 Forklift is a new piece of equipment in the industry. The EC22N2 has a remarkable power capacity, capable of lifting up to 188/83.5 kg. It is outfitted with a SNG function Hose, as well as forward and reverse options, blue LED lights, and an amber strobe.

The EC22N2 is reliable, efficient and easy to use. Manufactured in 2016, it has 14,623 hours of usage, and a 6 month old battery already installed. It is powered by 48V and is a great option for anyone in the lift truck industry.

In terms of safety and visibility, the EC22N2 has you covered with side shift and a hang on-style safety system. It is equipped with an operating height limiter, an operator presence system, a fall-over protection frame, and a travel speed limit. The EC22N2 has great riding brakes and stunning capabilities, making it your ideal partner in the industry.

The CAT EC22N2 is a great value, going for only 8500 dollars. It is designed with reliability and performance in mind, making it the perfect forklift for anyone looking for a reliable, easy-to-use lift truck to support their operation. The speed and precision of the EC22N2 is a great choice for labor-intensive and time-sensitive tasks.

The EC22N2 has a powerful motor, giving it the capability to lift heavier loads with ease. Its design also offers excellent fuel efficiency, contributing to its cost-effectiveness. The EC22N2 is relatively lightweight and has been designed with great care in mind.

The CAT EC22N2 Forklift is an excellent choice for anyone in the lift truck industry. Dependable, efficient and well-built, the EC22N2 is a cost-effective, reliable solution that offers great value and performance.

CATERPILLAR EC22N2 Forklift For Sale: $8500!

    CATERPILLAR EC22N2 Forklift Specifications:









    Serial Number





    2016 CAT      188/83.5 TRI MAST,       SNG FNCT HOSE       FWD/RVS       BLUE LIGHTS,      AMBER STROBE       HANG ON SS     NEW BATTERY ALREADY IN MACHINE (6 MONTHS OLD)      48V      ***** CHASSIS 14,623 HOURS *****

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