2016 CATERPILLAR 2ET3500 Forklift For Sale & 5,055 Hours



CATERPILLAR 2ET3500 Forklift For Sale Price: $12900!

UOUS HORN,           TIER 4 COMPLIANT,                      

The CATERPILLAR 2ET3500 Forklift is a used model with a serial number of FN514269, manufactured in 2016 with 5,055 hours. This means the machine is still in great condition and ready to work efficiently for you. The CATERPILLAR 2ET3500 Forklift has a maximum lift capacity of 4 tons, can lift up to 188 inches in height, and has an overall length of 86.5 inches.

The machine is outfitted with a single hydraulic system with 3-way valve, and has a standard load backrest. For convenience, this fork lift includes a floor spot front continuous horn, as well as a TIER 4 compliant engine that provides reliable, fuel-efficient performance. The operating temperature of this machine is between -04°C and +50°C, making it an ideal forklift for any environment and weather condition.

The CATERPILLAR 2ET3500 Forklift is the perfect tool to help you get the job done safely and efficiently. With its state-of-the-art features, this machine can help you lift large and heavy loads in no time. Plus, with a 12900 price tag, this forklift is a great value for your money.

Whether you need a forklift for warehouses, construction jobs, or any other commercial purpose, the CATERPILLAR 2ET3500 Forklift is the perfect choice for you. It is reliable, efficient, and versatile, making it an ideal model for any business.

Don’t wait any longer, buy the CATERPILLAR 2ET3500 Forklift today and enjoy all it has to offer. From its fuel-efficient engine to its modern features, you won’t regret your purchase. With the CATERPILLAR 2ET3500 Forklift, you can be sure your job will be completed in no time.

CATERPILLAR 2ET3500 Forklift For Sale: $12900!

    CATERPILLAR 2ET3500 Forklift Specifications:









    Serial Number





    TRI 188"         MFH/86.5"        OAL,                 S/S      INTEGRAL 38.6W W/FIXED CON,  SGL HYD W/3W VALVE,             STANDARD LOAD     BACKREST,  BLUE FLOOR SPOT FRONT CONTINUOUS,                 43" FORKS,   LED LIGHTS W/PLASTIC LENSES,            PANORAMIC RVIEW MIRROR, REAR GRAB HANDLE W/HORN,             SOLID PNEU NON-MARKING TIRES,               STROBE LGT LEVEL W/OHG,              HAS BRAND NEW BATTERY                               **** ACTUALHOURS ON MACHINE 5055 *****

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