2016 CASE 586H Forklift For Sale & 3,313 Hours



CASE 586H Forklift For Sale Price: $16500!

Introducing the CASE 586H Forklift from our 2016 inventory. Representing an excellent value for money, this used forklift is a perfect choice for any material handling or warehousing needs. It’s a reliable, top-quality piece of equipment that has been built to last and performs reliably under any type of operating conditions.

The 586H from CASE is a well-crafted and sturdy forklift. It’s powered by an in-line 4-cylinder engine that develops 49.6 horsepower. It can lift loads of up to 14,000 pounds and it can reach a maximum lift height of 21 feet. This large vertical outreach makes it a highly productive and efficient forklift.

This CASE 586H features an integrated CARC mounting system with an advanced mast control valve. This allows the operator to move the forks in the direction of the mast. It also features an ergonomically designed operator compartment, with power steering and adjustable suspension. In addition, it has side-shift functions, making it easier to manoeuvre and load/unload items.

The 586H offers dependable and easy maintenance and long-term use. It has a powerful cooling system, as well as an easily accessible footrest and steps. You can access the main components quickly with the hood system, which provides complete protection for the cooling engine.

This forklift’s performance is also enhanced by its advanced fluid contamination protection system. It also features ANSI B56.1 maintenance standards to ensure you get the best in power and performance.

This CAS 586H forklift offers a reliable and comfortable operation experience. It was manufactured in 2016 and has been used for 3,313 hours. It is in great condition, and with its true hours feature and side shift, it is sure to fulfil your material handling needs.

For those who are looking for a high-end used forklift, the 586H from CASE is a great choice. It’s reliable, well-crafted, and easy to maintain. You’ll be getting a great value for your money when you purchase this forklift for your material handling activities.

CASE 586H Forklift For Sale: $16500!

    CASE 586H Forklift Specifications:









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    True hours, side shift, 21 ft lift height

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