2016 AUSA C11M Forklift For Sale & 428 Hours



AUSA C11M Forklift For Sale Price: $6200!

The AUSA C11M Forklift is the perfect machine for tough tasks in the toughest conditions. It is a robust, versatile and powerful machine that can handle heavy payloads with ease. The design of this powerful machine is based off of the AUSA prototype and has been tested in rigorous conditions to make sure that it can handle any task that it is given. This forklift can do it all, from pallet handling to heavy-duty material moving.

The AUSA C11M Forklift is designed to be strong and durable, and it is made with a heavy-duty steel frame that is designed to last. This forklift also has an extra-large tilt cylinder that increases the lift capacity and provides better maneuverability for any job. The unit also has an extra-large power take off that allows for more weight handling and more efficient power transfer. The unit also comes standard with a high-output direct injection Kubota Diesel engine that gives the unit the power that it needs to get the job done.

The AUSA C11M Forklift is designed to be comfortable to use. It has ergonomically designed handles and an adjustable seat that can easily be adjusted to the operator’s height. Additionally, the advanced safety features such as the seatbelt, transparent glass guard and emergency stops, ensures that the operator can feel safe and secure while operating the machine.

The price of the AUSA C11M Forklift is $6,200, and it was manufactured in 2016. It has a total of 428 hours and is in used condition. The stock number is 3492. The AUSA C11M Forklift is certified and comes with a manual that provides information on the usage and maintenance of this machine. It also comes with an open ROPS.

The AUSA C11M Forklift is the perfect machine for any job, from small-scale tasks to heavy-duty materials. The forklift is designed to last and it will provide the operator with all of the power, comfort, and safety that he or she needs to get the job done. This forklift is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a great, reliable and powerful machine.

AUSA C11M Forklift For Sale: $6200!

    AUSA C11M Forklift Specifications:











    Stock Number



    Portata q.li 11
    Diesel Kubota
    certificato ce e manuale uso e manutenzione



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